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Hello there! My name is Mauro Scanagatta. I have been programming for more than half of my age, I have a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence, and I love organizing LARPs.

You can already imagine what happened: since I hated spending time in the tedious and time-consuming tasks (like managing accounting, signups, character sheets), I started developing a software.

It was supposed to be a simple and easy project... but over the years, I continued adding more and more features.

In the end, I thought that maybe the tools that I've created for myself, could be useful also for others. So that's the story of Larp Manager!

Larp Manager have been used so far for more than 100 events, by more than 20 organizers. Here are their kind words about this tool!

A very good product, it neatly manages the typical steps of creating a LARP, providing a good management platform for organisers. The idea of providing a minimal and immediate platform as a skeleton on which to hook extra features, as desired, is excellent. The role platform is elastic and customisable, providing support for multi-utilities.   (Lester Marzani, Alteraego)
I have had the opportunity to use the LarpManager, and I think it is a very useful tool both for managing sign ups and in writing events. With ad hoc procedures and functionality it brings the theoretical framework of game design into practice.   (Domenico Lascala, Colorado)
Larp Manager is a great tool to manage your larp events with multiple runs or different languages. It has simplified our finances, character management and overall logistics. And Mauro is awesome - his technical support is almost inmediate, and keeps improving the tool day by day with organizations' feedback. It is worth the price.   (Ariadna Vilu, Efimeral)
Larpmanager is a powerful tool. I already used it for the management of 4 events in the last three years and I highly recommend it. For a small cost it will ease all the boring stuff that is usually required in the organization of a LARP (tracking regitrations, requests and payments, organizing and delivering character sheets, handouts and information to players, etc). Surely there is nothing like that out there   (Mattia Loche, Singularity)
I used Larpmanager for Sanguis LARP and it was a blast. Writing quests, characters, plots, managing subscriptions or ticket options: you name it, Larpmanager got it. It's quite intuitive and you'll quickly learn how to use it, especially because there aren't any unnecessary info when you browse through the categories. If you're looking for something that gets straight to the point with providing what you need in order to manage your event, this is the right tool for you.   (Marco d'Antino, Sanguis)
Larpmanager has saved us an immense amount of time in manual tasks. This has allowed us to focus on what we love: design and run larps   (Esperanza Montero, Not Only Larps)
We used Larpmanager for 3 events so far (two in Italian and one international, 30-60 players) and we were extremely satisfied. It fully removes the burden of tracking payments and provides a solid platform for writing and assigning the characters to the players. Anyway, there's simply nothing comparable on the market and for a small cost it takes away a big chunk of the organisational effort.   (Francesco Dega, Briganti)