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Save time and energy - let it worry about tickets, payments and accounting, while you focus on what you love most!

What can LarpManager do for you?

Characters management

Design the characters of your game down to the smallest detail, with multiple features available to support each game type.

Secure payment processing

Players can choose between multiple payment providers: Paypal, Stripe, Sumup - accepting all major credit cards and gateways.

Streamlined event setup

Create your events in a matter of seconds, through a simple-to-navigate dashboard - with dozens of video-tutorials to help you.

Seamless player experience

Players sign up with just few clicks, through a user-friendly and intuitive process - with a special design for mobile experience.

Registrarion form customization

Have any number of questions and options in the registration form. Offer multiple ticket types, or cross-sell additional items!

Tailored branding

Customize each single logo, image, text or design element in the interface. Fine-tune the appearance of your association store!

Detailed accounting

Track down to the single penny each inflow and outflow of your event. Manage expenses, refunds, discounts and payments.

Reliable support

Need help or want to ask a question? Browse our extensive Howtos, or report your issue to support, and see it fixed in minutes.

Free trial

You’d like to try it out? You can join immediately! Create a new subdomain for your LARP organization, and freely test out the software in real-time.


We created a vast library of video tutorials, covering every single aspect of the software. You'll get the hang of it in no time!


There are more than 100 features that can be activated, bringing more functionalities to your event - each one fully customizable!


We're volunteers, and we ask only for a small contribution, very affordable compared to paid competitors.

About us

Meet us, find out the story of LarpManager, and discover the experience with our software by other larp organizers!