Imagine a world where all of the information you have to share with a player is at one link of your organization, and everything is updated automatically when a new player signs up.

An affordable, flexible and customizable software manager for any LARP. Get the tools and the freedom to make your life easier organizing events!

You don't have to install a thing

(the software is immediately available, hosted on our servers)
You don't have to change your habits

(you can freely decide how to use each larpmanager function)
You decide how to use it

(you can freely customize each aspect of the larpmanager)

Want to see everything this tool can do for you?

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The fixed price of using this tool is 1€ for player.

We strive to fully comply with national and international laws regarding user data treatment. We will treat with the utmost care any data regarding your LARP.

Got an idea for a new feature? Get in touch with us, we gladly take requests!